Office 365



Many organisations have migrated to Office 365 or are considering making the move, however, it is impossible to replicate the same level of protection and reliability of onpremise systems by using a single cloud service provider. The decision to move to the cloud can be both daunting and challenging, with compliance requirements, business continuity plans, constantly evolving threats and the need to ensure your organisation has an undisrupted email service. All of these security and compliance issues cannot be resolved with a single vendor solution, so many organisations are using third party service such as Topsec to fill in the gaps.


When using Topsec Email Security in conjunction with Office 365, your organisation uses our comprehensive Topsec Email Security (anti-virus, anti-spam and content policy) service as its first line of defence. The delivery of mail is then sent to Office 365. Office 365 uses Microsoft Exchange which provides 50GB of email storage for each user, contacts and calendar sharing with access from any device. Together, Topsec Email Security and Office 365 provide the complete cloud solution for your email, giving you the control to manage and secure your email without the burden of maintaining the underlying infrastructure. Your organisation will have a dual Email Continuity solution which will ensure that you are never without email or the ability to send and receive emails. This is achieved by site resilience within the Microsoft Environment and also with Topsec Email Continuity. Also, Topsec Blended Threats gives your organisation added IT security by mitigating against the risks of Phishing, Ransomware, Cryptolocker and other Malware attacks.


The MX records for a specific domain are configured to send mail to Topsec’s inbound SMTP servers. The Topsec Email Security service filters the mail and sends the clean mail to Office 365. Office 365 using Microsoft Exchange routes the specific email to end user’s mailbox. Users access their mail via Office 365 using Outlook, Outlook Web Access or their mobile device using ActiveSync.


  • Increase productivity and reduce costs
  • Cloud based, allowing access to administrators and authorised third parties, anytime, anywhere. For the purposes of legal discovery, where business are obliged to provide copies of electronic communication relating to legal disputes, you can now give access to authorised external individuals, to recover information, keeping you focused on your core business.
  • A secure and reliable service, with off-site storage, allowing for fast easy search and retrieval, on demand by end-users
  • Topsec, under EU legislation, do not allow any person to grant access to delicate content, unless permission has been granted from the business owner which gives your business the security it requires for delicate information transferral. This is in contrast to US legislation (Patriot Act), where access is granted.
  • Full visibility and tracking of email archive allows a logged in user to view all audit log entries associated with their account.
  • Corporate emails have become a primary channel of business correspondence. Archive emails to maintain access to past correspondence as it now must be retained for a minimum period of time, often established by statutes. Delays in provision of such information can lead to financial penalties being applied by courts.