Secure File Transfer

FileXchange Guaranteed safe delivery through our secure cloud network

Why FileXchange?

  • Comprehensive tracking of file activity and virus scans, which, with the growth in use of rich media and larger files is crucial to businesses who need a fast, easy to use, secure file sharing service.
  • Increase efficiency and employee productivity within your business, clients and partners using our secure file exchange service.
  • Our managed file exchange service ensures your mail servers won’t be overloaded by exchange of large files by email.
  • Our cloud based file sharing service means it is available anytime, anywhere to authorised users.
  • TopSec is under EU legislation, does not allow any person to grant access to delicate files, unless permission has been granted from the business owner. This is in contrast to the US where the Patriot Act legislates that access is granted.

FileXchange Collaboration Suite

Our FileXchange Collaboration Suite facilitates collaborative working allowing FileXchange customers to buy additional accounts for their partners, who can then use these accounts to send files to our customer. This presents an ideal alternative to standard FTP services, which are generally used to facilitate secure file exchange between trusted parties.

How FileXchange works?

  • The files to be exchanged are selected and uploaded.
  • File exchange is made easy in the cloud network.
  • An email is automatically sent to the recipient with a link to download the file – or – simply create the link, allowing the user to cut and paste into their own email rather than email large files.
  • For added security, the user can also decide whether or not the recipient is required to authenticate with an agreed password before downloading.
  • Full visibility and tracking allows a logged in user to view all audit log entries associated with their account and files uploaded by this account, including when and from where (IP Address) a file was downloaded.

Set up

  • Very easy to set up and manage
  • No hardware or software as FileXchange is a cloud service