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Topsec Web Security is a cloud based security service which is fully trackable, enabling authorised employees to access your businesses information, from any location, service or application. Top internet security is now a vital element of your security strategy in our mobile world. 

  • A safe web experience for all your employees and people anywhere in the world - it is that simple
  • Reduces IT costs and boosts productivity
  • Gathers intelligence on new vulnerabilities as they arise, resulting in a real time service that becomes more powerful all the time.
  • Topsec technology is unique in its ability to provide the Internet security administrator instantaneous access to any transaction data.
  • Successfully in use across 40+ Data Centres around the world.
  • Secure Internet Services help manage employee access various categories. More Details 
  • Read many more good reasons why secure internet is the best internet security service.
  • Topsec have controls in place to block malicious content
  • Through use of advanced search functionality, administrations can quickly recover detailed transaction logs in seconds.
  • Use of Multi-tenant architecture means the solution is able to serve multiple users simultaneously, while ensuring the highest levels of privacy and security.
  • Through hundreds of summary views and interactive drill-down capabilities, the administrator can quickly isolate anomalies or recover detailed transaction logs for event forensics. 
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Set up
  • Very easy to set up and manage
  • Topsec Web Security is a cloud based service ,so there is no hardware or software required. It can be managed by authorised users anytime, anywhere.

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BAM Contractors have been using the Topsec Email Security product from Topsec for a number of years and have found the product very effective in keeping spam, viruses and unwanted content out of the organisation thus ensuring a secure managed email environment. Equally important has been the consistent high level of support and prompt action we have received in response to any of our requests. We have also found them to be innovative in coming to market with new solutions and also in solving any challenges that we have brought to them. I would recommend them as a trusted partner to any organisation who is looking to secure their email

Tim McCarthy / BAM Contractors