Security As A Service


Total data security, with complete end point web, email and network protection. Our secure cloud service delivers comprehensive business data security and central remote management, increasing productivity, providing faster response and central remote management, increasing productivity, providing faster response and end to end security. 

Why Security as a Service?
  • Comprehensive data security offering realtime threat protection, minimising your risk of initial attack and serious data breach
  • Reduce security costs on hardware, software and Internet Security personnel down to an affordable service fee, leaving infrastructure and solution maintenance in the cloud.
  • Email Filtering to ensure any unsuitable or unwanted content is blocked and protecting your businesses reputation
  • Cloud Based Internet filtering ensures you are protected against viruses, spyware, basically any potential threats from the web.
  • Easily Managed via a Hosted Web Console  

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  • Immediate and effective protection against the latest viruses and malware
  • Realtime monitoring and reporting
  • You can generate configurable reports with protection status and detection activity and graphs. All reports are exportable and can be configured to be sent by email automatically.
  • Extremely light as all operations take place in the cloud
  • Fantastic differentiation against traditional AV vendors such as McAfee, Symantec, Kasperski, Sophos, F-Secure etc.
Set up
  • Deploy remotely, through emails with a download URL
  • To avoid user intervention it can be done transparently to selected endpoints through a Distribution Tool.
  • An MSI installer is also available for distribution of the protection through login-scripts, Active Directory, Tivoli, SMS or LanDesk.


Chat To Sales 




BAM Contractors have been using the Topsec Email Security product from Topsec for a number of years and have found the product very effective in keeping spam, viruses and unwanted content out of the organisation thus ensuring a secure managed email environment. Equally important has been the consistent high level of support and prompt action we have received in response to any of our requests. We have also found them to be innovative in coming to market with new solutions and also in solving any challenges that we have brought to them. I would recommend them as a trusted partner to any organisation who is looking to secure their email

Tim McCarthy / BAM Contractors