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A recent report estimates that 20% of all the alerts received by security professionals are false positives, making it a big source of fatigue. Yet, seeing a moderate rate of false positives is a good sign of efficiency.

Few companies were prepared for COVID-19 and its disruptions-especially regarding cybersecurity. Companies had to quickly adjust to secure a remote workforce and protect corporate networks from being accessed from potentially risky home networks.

Attackers abused open redirects on the websites of Snapchat and American Express in a series of phishing attacks to steal Microsoft 365 credentials.

Email remains the primary vehicle used by cybercriminals, with 90% of cyberattacks delivered via this attack vector. Email is also the most essential and widely used business communication tool.

When it comes to cybersecurity, everyone likes to talk about software and the dangers that it poses. However, people often overlook hardware-based security and its vital importance in establishing a secure workspace.

Why does your email account need more than just GSuite or Office 365 protection? Here's one reason-Hacking groups can now access Gmail without compromising login credentials.