Elevating Email Security Standards with Topsec Inbox Protect

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Topsec Inbox Protect:Protect Internal Email Elevate Your Email Security Get a Quote Download Datasheet Email Security > Elevating Email Security Standards with Topsec Inbox Protect By Cian Fitzpatrick | 26th March 2024 In today’s interconnected digital world, email remains the backbone of communication for businesses.  It’s email that serves as the conduit for vital information exchange, collaboration and workflow management. However, alongside its undeniable usefulness comes an avalanche of cyber threats that continually test the efficacy of existing security measures.  For this reason, organisations need to adopt a zero tolerance approach. And get as tough as nails on anything that even remotely looks like a hack! Platforms like Microsoft Office 365 (O365) provide a layer of email protection, but by no means does this represent enough. The evolving nature of cyber threats necessitates a proactive approach to safeguarding email communications with a multi-layered approach.  Enter Topsec Inbox Protect – a comprehensive solution designed to fortify internal mail security and shield organisations from a myriad of potential threats. Inbox Protect and Microsoft 365 Inbox Protect works and is compatible with your Microsoft Tenant. Understanding the Essence of Topsec Inbox Protect At its core, Topsec Inbox Protect represents the toughest defence yet in the realm of email security.  By seamlessly integrating with Microsoft users’ mailboxes, it offers an additional layer of protection against malicious entities seeking to exploit vulnerabilities within internal mail systems.  Simple and effective, Inbox Protect streamlines the setup process, ensuring that organisations can bolster their email security posture without undue complexity or disruption to daily operations. Mitigating Common Threat Vectors Despite the best efforts of traditional email security measures, certain threats persistently find their way into users’ inboxes, posing significant risks to organisational security and integrity. This shouldn’t come as any great shock when we take into account that 91% of all cyber attacks come through email. Phishing attacks, in particular, continue to plague organisations worldwide, with cybercriminals employing sophisticated tactics to deceive unsuspecting users and extract sensitive information. Don’t forget, cyber criminals are as versed in human psychology as they are in technology. Through advanced scanning algorithms and real-time threat detection capabilities, Topsec Inbox Protect acts as a stalwart guardian, identifying and neutralising phishing attempts before they can inflict harm. But phishing isn’t your only problem. The spectre of malware and ransomware looms large, presenting a clear and present danger to organisations of all sizes. These insidious threats not only jeopardise sensitive data but also disrupt critical business operations, potentially resulting in significant financial losses and reputational damage.  With attachment virus scanning and real-time mail monitoring, Inbox Protect stands as a bulwark against such pernicious threats, fortifying organisations’ defences and mitigating the risk of data breaches and system compromise. Is M365 fully protecting you against all email borne attacks? Get A Quote Embracing a Second-Layered Security Approach Cyber threats are both omnipresent and ever-evolving, a holistic approach to email security is paramount. When organisations speak about building a moat, email security has to be included in the strategy if you want to ensure growth and sustainability. Topsec Inbox Protect complements existing security measures by providing a second-layered defence mechanism, thereby augmenting organisations’ resilience to emerging threats. By fortifying both internal and external mail systems, Inbox Protect establishes a comprehensive security perimeter, safeguarding against a broad spectrum of potential attack vectors. The ease of setup and deployment further underscores Inbox Protect’s appeal, enabling organisations to bolster their email security posture with minimal overhead and administrative burden.  Furthermore, the ability to retroactively scan historical mail within a 14-day timeframe ensures that organisations remain vigilant against threats from both past and present communications. This enhances overall security efficacy and incident response capabilities. Key Advantages of Topsec Inbox Protect Adding Inbox Protect to your “email security stack” will provide your organisation with a number of benefits: 1. Comprehensive Inbox and Subfolder Protection Ensures thorough scanning and detection of malicious content within primary inboxes and subfolders, thereby minimising the risk of undetected threats. 2.Real-time Internal Mail Scanning: Provides continuous monitoring of internal mail traffic, enabling swift detection and neutralisation of potential threats in real-time. 3. Attachment Virus Scanning:  Employs advanced scanning techniques to scrutinise email attachments for malware and ransomware payloads, mitigating the risk of infection and data loss. 4. Spam Content Scanning: Identifies and removes spam and unwanted email content, thereby reducing the likelihood of data exposure and compromising sensitive information. 5. Known Bad Mail Address and Domain Check: Verifies sender addresses and domains against known malicious entities, preventing unauthorised access and fortifying organisational defences. 6. URL Rewriting and Detailed URL Analysis: Proactively rewrites URLs and conducts comprehensive analysis of embedded links, mitigating the risk of users inadvertently accessing malicious websites and falling victim to phishing scams. 7. Sandboxing: Introduces attachment sandboxing to internal email, exploding attachments within a dedicated virtual environment for in-depth analysis. 8. URL Triggering: Tracks all URLs within the tenant and forces deletion of emails that become triggered post delivery. How Topsec Inbox Protect Works Cyber Threats Are Only Increasing It’s no fun to be the harbinger of bad news. But at the same time, pretending a threat doesn’t exist is the fastest way to fall prey to one. Cyber attacks are increasing.  Every organisation that wants to safeguard their data assets and maintain operational continuity needs to prioritise email security.  Why not test Inbox Protect with a 7 day free trial? Your inbox, reputation and customers will thank you for taking the extra step to protect your inbox. And the cyber criminals will be thwarted before they even start. That’s a win/win in our book! Protect your internal email with topsec inbox protect Contact Us

Strengthening Microsoft 365 Security with Topsec Inbox Protect

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Strengthening O365 with Topsec Inbox Protect We know having just one layer of O365 protection is not enough to secure your organisation. Get a Quote Download Datasheet Email Security &gt Strengthening Microsoft 365 Security with Topsec Inbox Protect With over 250 million monthly users, Microsoft 365 is a cornerstone of enterprise productivity.  However, its popularity also makes it a prime target for cybercriminals. This article discusses the critical need for enhanced security in Microsoft 365 and introduces Topsec Inbox Protect as a formidable solution to these vulnerabilities. By Cian Fitzpatrick | 15th December 2023 Microsoft 365 Security Concerns The vast user base of Microsoft 365 encompasses a significant amount of sensitive data, which attracts malicious actors. Common security concerns include: Privilege Escalation Attackers gaining unauthorised system access. To mitigate this, implement role-based security controls, regular updates, multi-factor authentication, and privileged access monitoring. Bypassing Multi-factor Authentication Attackers may circumvent MFA, making it essential to use advanced MFA techniques, limit authentication attempts, and educate employees on phishing risks. Phishing Attacks Up to 20% of phishing emails evade detection by Microsoft 365’s defences, necessitating employee education, spam filters, and phishing simulations. Malicious Macro Disabling macros by default and using anti-malware software can prevent the execution of malicious code. Data Exfiltration To combat this, use DLP solutions, encryption, firewalls and educate employees on data security. Stay a step ahead of malicious actors Get Quote Topsec Inbox Protect: Fortifying Internal Emails Topsec Inbox Protect emerges as a vital layer of defence, specifically enhancing the security of internal emails in Microsoft 365 environments. How Topsec Inbox Protect Enhances Microsoft 365: Advanced Internal Mail Scanning  Upon receipt of new internal mail, Inbox Protect performs rigorous security checks, quarantining any suspicious content. Comprehensive Threat Protection It addresses phishing, malware, ransomware, business email compromise, spam and unauthorised access. Dual-Defense Strategy When combined with Microsoft 365, it creates a two-pronged defence system, significantly enhancing overall email security. Ease of Use With a simple setup process, Inbox Protect starts securing historical emails within 14 days of integration. Key Benefits Enhanced Email Security Provides additional protection against a wide range of digital threats. Reduced Risk Lowers the chances of data breaches and unauthorised access. Improved Compliance Aligns with regulatory requirements, enhancing the organisation’s compliance posture. Learn how you can protect your staff Contact Us Conclusion In today’s digital landscape, relying solely on Microsoft 365’s inherent security features is insufficient.  Topsec Inbox Protect offers an essential additional layer of security, particularly for internal email communication.  By integrating this solution, organisations can significantly bolster their defences against a variety of cyber threats, ensuring a more secure and resilient digital environment. Secure your Microsoft 365 environment with Topsec Inbox Protect.  Get a Quote for your Topsec Inbox Protect Free Trial and enhance your email security today!