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An email archiving solution is a system that captures, stores, and indexes emails in a secure and easily accessible way. 

This process involves removing emails from the server where they were initially received and placing them into a safe and scalable archive. It aims to protect the data and ensure it remains intact and accessible for future reference. Topsec’s robust email archiving solution is vital for organisations to comply with various data protection regulations, legal requirements, and e-discovery requests.

Topsec’s email archiving solution stores emails sent via the Office 365 / Outlook Journaling systems. It extracts key meta-data for search and analytics before storing the original message and journal data for quick search and retrieval. It offers a full audit trail for communications received and saved. Customers may be certain that their data is constantly available, maintained, and secure.

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1. Secure Storage

Topsec’s email archiving solution ensures your emails are safely stored in a safe, off-site environment eliminating the risk of data loss or corruption.

2.Easy Accessibility

Our solution allows quick and easy access to archived emails whenever required, such as during audits or litigation.


Topsec’s solution supports compliance with GDPR, FOI, and other data protection and regulatory standards. Our systems ensure that all emails, including attachments, are preserved in their original state, guaranteeing full compliance.


Our cloud email archiving solutions integrate seamlessly with your existing email infrastructure, providing a smooth transition and effortless email management.

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Data Compliance

With stringent data preservation methods, our solution guarantees compliance with GDPR, FOI, and other regional and global regulations.

Quick Retrieval

Our advanced search and indexing capabilities ensure fast retrieval of your emails, even from massive data sets.

Improved Efficiency

By freeing up server space, our email archiving solution can enhance the performance of your email servers, leading to better productivity and efficiency.

Secure Storage

Emails stored in our cloud are encrypted at rest and in transit, ensuring maximum security against potential cyber threats.


As your organisation grows, so does your data. Our cloud-based email archiving solutions are scalable to meet your evolving needs.


By archiving emails, you reduce the need for additional server space, lowering IT costs.


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Comprehensive Access Management

Manage, allow and control access to only your administrators and authorised third parties anytime.

Transparent Audit Trail

Have full visibility and tracking of your email archive to view all audit entries associated with all accounts.

Efficient Email Retrieval

Look for key phrases and descriptions and retrieve emails fast.

Robust Data Protection

Protect and control access to your data to keep all emails and attachments secure.

GDPR Compliance Showcase

Demonstrate your GDPR Compliance.

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Email Archiving FAQ's

Email archiving is a process that moves emails from the live mail server to a specialised archiving system for preservation. It helps to securely store, manage, and retrieve old and new emails from a central repository.

Email archiving captures, indexes and stores all inbound and outbound emails for easy retrieval. It helps in efficient email management, data compliance, quick recovery for audits or legal reviews, and maintaining a clean server by offloading storage.

An email archiving solution is crucial for maintaining organisational efficiency, compliance, and security. It aids in data management, mitigates legal risks, ensures rapid and complete discovery of emails when required, and contributes to the efficient functioning of email servers by reducing load.

Absolutely. With the rising volume of email traffic and stringent compliance requirements, email archiving has become necessary for businesses. It provides secure storage and retrieval, aids in regulatory compliance, and is useful in case of legal discovery.

Email archiving should be a continuous process. Whether an email enters or leaves your system, you should archive it. It ensures all your emails, including attachments, are securely stored and readily available for future reference or in case of a compliance audit or legal dispute.


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