Stop Hackers from sending Emails using your Domain

Topsec’s DMARC Protection informs company owners about the security of their email ecosystem.

Topsec’s DMARC Protection provides a quick solution for identifying email security concerns for busy business owners and IT professionals. DMARC is an email validation system that is meant to identify anybody who is using your domain without authority and, eventually, to stop transmission of all unauthenticated mail.

Organizations may miss their risks of business email compromise for a variety of reasons, including a concentration on the operational aspect of the organization, a lack of time, or a lack of resources and employees to manage this issue. Topsec recognizes the concerns and offers an online tool to mitigate the risks of corporate email intrusion in seconds, with no technical skills required.

Topsec DMARC Protection domain scanner educates business owners how safe their email environment is. The scan gives an instant assessment on the state and performance of the four primary email security protocols (DMARC, SPF, DKIM, and BIMI), as well as recommendations for how to improve them.

Businesses can then rapidly determine how safe their email environment is and take quick and easy steps to improve email security. Topsec’s solutions do not necessitate the use of IT skills to implement.


How can you implement DMARC safely?


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