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At Topsec Cloud Solutions, we’ve been pioneering cloud-based email and web security for more than two decades.

Our journey began in 2002. Since then, we’ve become a leading force in providing top-tier managed email security services.

Benefits of working with Topsec Cloud solutions:

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Safeguard patient information and ensure compliance in the healthcare sector.

Protect your hospitals from malware and ransomware attacks.

Why You Need Email Security in the Healthcare Sector?

Healthcare organisations need to ensure two key priorities are met. Firstly, that their systems are highly secure. And secondly, reliably accessible to authorised personnel. Medical staff and patients need to know their data is safe and available only to them.


Our solutions ensure your healthcare resources remain available to those who need them and protected from unauthorised access.

With our solutions, you can:

  • Ensure secure access for medical staff and patients only.
  • Defend against ransomware and other sophisticated threats targeting healthcare data.
  • Prevent DDoS, credential theft, and other automated attacks.
  • Detect and block network intrusions that threaten patient safety and data integrity.
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Don't let your healthcare institute be vulnerable to email-based attacks. Sign up for our Managed Email Security Service today.

Essential Security Measures for a Healthcare Instituite

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How can Topsec Cloud Solutions help?

Educational institutions require their networks to be consistently secure and accessible. It’s essential to maintain dependable connectivity for authorised users while safeguarding against cyber threats, automated attacks and configuration mistakes. 

Our solutions ensure your resources remain available to those who need them and protected from unauthorised access.

With our solutions, you can:

  • Ensure secure access for authorised users only.
  • Defend against ransomware and other sophisticated threats.
  • Prevent DDoS, credential stuffing and other automated attacks.
  • Detect and block network intrusions.
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Our Solution Suite For Healthcare

Managed Phishing Awareness

Phishing attacks pose a significant threat to healthcare organisations, making phishing training essential to enhance cybersecurity controls. This training educates your staff on identifying deceptive emails aimed at stealing sensitive information.

Managed Email Security

Managed Email Security eliminates all types of email security threats while providing comprehensive email protection. The suite includes Attachment Sandboxing, VIP Impersonation and URL Scanner.

Managed DMARC

Email security is crucial in the healthcare industry, where sensitive patient information is at risk. The DMARC standard, enforced by major email providers like Google and Yahoo, helps mitigate the threat of domain spoofing


Healthcare data is highly valuable, often targeted by cybercriminals seeking to steal personal information such as medical records, social security numbers, and insurance details to sell on the Dark Web.

Inbox Protect

Inbox Protect helps to eliminate any phishing or malware attacks through internal inbox scanning directly into user mailbox accounts, removing threats and preventing interaction with potentially malicious mail.


To be able to share patient reports and data confidentially and seamlessly through your healthcare institute in the cloud. FileXchange can provide safe and collaborative file sharing.

Client Testimonials: Why Businesses Trust Us

We really loved the products that Topsec provided to us. If I were to pull out a product that we are particularly happy with would-be Phishing campaigns, where it creates awareness among our staff for security issues, promotes awareness, and then Topsec follow that up with training. That’s one of the standout things that Topsec offers.
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Tommy Culleton
Scandi Standard- IT Security & Compliance
“The Phishing Training was particularly good. We had one campaign, and we had an extremely poor result. I think 50% of our people, opened and looked at a phishing email. We were very, shocked because it wasn’t particularly an important one. But it was a good one. It gives us an idea of how, they’re coping with unsolicited emails and phishing.
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Nick Smith
Senior Technician & Systems Manager, Waterman Moylan
Before we had IronPort in place, and the main reason to let them go was that it was not cost-effective, and it was not providing as much flexibility and management to the spam solution. So, that was the main reason we switched over.”
Andrey Jagotintsev
ICT Manager- St. Michael's Hospital
The culture of response has always been good. We can guarantee that we are going to get a response, sometimes within minutes, which is, which is impressive. If we have a technical issue that we need to discuss with somebody, we always have those levels of support from first-level technicians. If you’re looking for what differentiates Topsec from its competitors that would be the primary differentiation.
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Colm Carberry
IT Manager, FR Kelly
Shield your educational institute from phishing, ransomware, malware, and other email threats with our Cloud Based Email Security Service.

Distinctive Advantages of Topsec’s Email Security Solutions Over Competitors

Expertise and Proven Experience

As a leading email security provider, Topsec possesses deep knowledge and experience in email security best practices.

Managed Service

Topsec manages your entire email solution for you so you can focus on your business needs.

Customised Solutions

Tailored solutions based on specific business needs and requirements.

Success Records

Successful deployments and customer references in diverse industries and use cases.

Exceptional Customer Service

Fast and responsive support and incident/threat management processes.

24x7 Uninterrupted Support

Topsec is always a call away when you are facing any email security issues.


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