About Topsec Cloud Solutions

Topsec Cloud Solutions is a major provider of managed email and web security solutions in the cloud. For almost two decades we have served a diverse range of customers in Government, Healthcare, Engineering, Information Technology and other industries.

We take pride in being the only fully managed concierge service for all your email security requirements.

Topsec Cloud Solutions is the only supplier with such high levels of customer support and service, and we take great pride in it. The customer always comes first for us. The firm was started in 2002 and has grown by using the scalability of cloud-based solutions to provide best-in-class security services at an accessible price for businesses in various industries, 

Anti-spam, Anti-virus, Email security, Email content filtering, Sandboxing, Email archiving, File sharing, and Domain management are among our services. In summary, we match our clients’ security demands and assist them in securing and managing their corporate information with no upfront costs.

Man scrolling through phone and laptop
We save our clients thousands with our services and
experience, and Topsec Cloud Solutions is their trusted provider for all cloud-based security solutions.

Why Topsec?

Managed Concierge Service

Topsec Cloud Solutions provides all their services as managed services, which means that specialist support is available to all our customers. Our support team handle email security, which includes monitoring the quantity of spam emails received and assisting in the evaluation of potentially hazardous information.

24/7 access to expert technicians

Our technical professionals are available to all of our clients and customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We offer assistance with all of our services. Because our customers and clients are the most important part of our business, we endeavour to give exceptional customer service every time. Our SLA for initial response time is less than 15 minutes, and our technical staff frequently resolve issues on first interaction. When you raise an issue, it is addressed immediately by a human being: you do not need to press any buttons or be routed to a third party. We provide the same level of excellent support irrespective of the size of your organization.

Easy, Reliable dashboards that don’t overcomplicate things

The Topsec Cloud customer portal is simple to use and dependable. At Topsec, we believe that our dashboard should provide simple and direct functionality and not overload admins with rarely used functionality. As a result training and usage are simple, distractions are reduced and configuration errors are avoided.


Painless onboarding process

Our onboarding process will have your organization up and running within minutes. It is a simple process with few requirements and minimal effort required by your personnel. Once you have indicated your security policies, you will receive straightforward instructions on how to switch over to our service. This procedure does not necessitate the installation of any software or drivers. All you need is your login credentials.