Welcome to Topsec Cloud Solutions: Your Trusted Partner in Email Security

Empowering Your Digital Safety with Excellence Since 2002

At Topsec Cloud Solutions, we’ve been pioneering cloud-based email and web security for more than two decades. 

Our journey began in 2002. Since then, we’ve become a leading force in providing top-tier managed security services. 

Our clientele spans across various sectors, including Government, Healthcare, Engineering, IT and more, each valuing our commitment to excellence and innovation.

Unmatched Managed Concierge Service

What sets us apart? 

We are proud to be the sole provider of a fully managed concierge service tailored to your email security needs. 

Our unmatched customer support is the cornerstone of our operations. 

We believe in putting you first, always. 

Our growth stems from leveraging cloud scalability to deliver superior security services, ensuring affordability and quality across diverse industries.

Comprehensive Security Services, No Upfront Costs

Our suite of services includes Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus, Email Security, Content Filtering, Sandboxing, Email Archiving, File Sharing and Domain Management. 

Our approach is simple.

We align our solutions with your security needs, helping you secure and manage your business information effectively and efficiently. All without any upfront costs.

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Experience Savings and Trust with Topsec

Our expertise doesn’t just bring top-notch security.

It also translates into significant savings for our clients. As a trusted provider, we ensure that your journey with cloud-based security solutions is seamless and rewarding.

Don't let your business be vulnerable to email-based attacks.

Why Topsec?

Managed Concierge Service

Every service we offer comes with the backing of our specialist support team. From monitoring spam to evaluating potential threats, we’ve got your email security covered.

24/7 Expert

Our technical experts are on standby 24/7. Expect exceptional customer service, with an SLA for initial response times under 15 minutes and most issues resolved on first contact.

Intuitive and Reliable Dashboards

Our customer portal is designed for simplicity and reliability. It’s user-friendly, minimises distractions, and reduces configuration errors.

Effortless Onboarding

Get started in minutes with our straightforward onboarding process. No software installations. Just simple instructions and your login credentials.

Our Proud Partnerships

We’re honoured to serve and be recognised by esteemed organisations like Test Valley Borough Council, VHI, various credit unions, DETE and Whelanapier.

Join us at Topsec Cloud Solutions, where your digital safety is our top priority. 

Let’s embark on your journey towards secure, efficient, and worry-free cloud-based solutions, together.

Protect your business from phishing, ransomware and malware emails.


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