Evaluate email  attachments sent before they reach your inbox.


Topsec Attachment Sandboxing allows clients to better evaluate dubious attachments.

Email attachments are a major source hackers use to get access to your computer. To avoid such harmful email attachments, attachment sandboxing is a popular solution. It takes out the attachment from the email and safely checks for malicious or suspicious files inside these attachments.

Attachment sandboxing is a cloud-based service that reduces the risk of malicious attachments slipping past email security measures. It analyses each individual email message that has an attachment by extracting the file from the message and placing it in a secure environment “sandbox”. The attachment is opened and monitored for any suspicious attempts to download harmful components.

Secure your system from malware and other advanced attacks with Topsec’s Attachment Sandboxing feature.


Proactive Detection and Blocking of Malware

Enhanced detection and blocking of malware threats before they get to enter your computer system

Assessment of Quarantine Release

Increased confidence in the evaluation of items requested for quarantine release

Sharp Detection

Including APTs, targeted common attacks, evasion techniques, and viruses designed to surpass normal detections

Exclusive file selection for further assessment

Machine learning and behaviour detection ensures that only doubtful files are segregated and sent for further assessment

Isolation of suspicious attachments

If an attachment is deemed harmful, it is immediately isolated from your network and computer system

Integration with other security technologies

Can be easily deployed through Topsec support and can begin working in minutes


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Early detection and prevention of malicious attempts

File evaluation prior to quarantine release

Accurate pre-development detection of malware

Only selective suspicious analysed

Maximising security with unknown file blocking

Detection and response to threats in real-time

Modern filter and authentication system for spam

Continuous monitoring and support available

Assessment of attachments and URLs for security

Analysing behavior for threat detection

Ensure no hidden malware ever breaches your system with Topsec email sandboxing service.


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1. Protection against potential malware

Protect your device or operating system from potential malware risks by preventing it from entering your system.

2. Accurate Detection of Malicious Attempts

Detect malicious emails for potential elusive threats before implementing it in your system, especially when working with untrusted sources.

3. Attentive toward newer developments

Eliminate zero-day threats through Attachment Sandboxing.

4. Collaborate with other security functions

Complementing other security strategies to provide additional protection.

Have protection against malicious attachments and macros through our sandboxing solutions.


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Testing malicious attachments

Promptly isolating and assessing doubtful content

Isolated test environment 

Continuous protection against zero-day attacks

Blocking and isolation of malware

Tailored rules

Realtime blocklist verification

Continuous monitoring and support available

Cross-checking threat intelligence against known threats

Scanning files, attachments, and URLs for malware


Outsmarting Cybercriminals

Malicious attempts are becoming more deceiving but we stay a step ahead

Preventive Measure

Topsec believes that prevention is better than damage control after a malware attack.

Expertise and Experience

Deep knowledge and experience in email security best practices.

Proven Record of Success

Successful deployments and customer references in diverse industries and use cases.

Good Customer Service

Fast and responsive support and incident management processes.

Managed Service

Topsec manages your entire email solution including attachment sandboxing for you so you can focus on your business needs.

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Attachment Sandboxing FAQ's

TopSec’s Attachment Sandboxing utilises an in-depth behavioural analysis to inspect potentially harmful attachments and suspicious links. The process involves opening email attachments in a virtual computer to monitor their behaviour and detect suspicious activity. Based on this analysis, attachments that are deemed malicious can be identified and quarantined accordingly.

Yes, Topsec provides personalised Attachment Sandboxing solutions as per your organisation’s unique requirements.

Email attachments are one of the most used means to enter and gain access to your computer system. Attachment Sandboxing functions carefully examine the email attachments and disable malicious emails from entering your computer system. It is a needful tool to prevent potentially harmful malicious files from accessing your system.

Malicious attachments are one of the major means for viruses to enter your system. Attachment or email Sandboxing features detect all sorts of suspicious attachments which also covers the majority of virus breach attempts.

Sandboxing an attachment will not take more than 2 or 3 minutes if installed correctly.

The primary advantage of Sandboxing is that it detects malicious attachments even before they develop or enter your system.

Attachment Sandboxing is used to verify attachments for potential threats. It is advisable to use Attachment Sandboxing to scan attachments for malicious content before you share or download them. If you’re skeptical about a file, you can submit it to be examined. Also, it’s a good idea to scan any attachments for malicious content before retrieving them.


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