Email Continuity Service: Key Features and Benefits

Uninterrupted Communication, Always in Sync with Topsec’s Email Continuity.

Why Choose Topsec for Email Continuity Services?

Keep your email communication seamless with Email Continuity Solutions.

Email continuity is a crucial aspect of modern business operations. Today, where email communication plays a vital role in the day-to-day functioning of organisations. Any disruption in email services can have significant consequences. With nearly two decades of experience in providing managed email and web security solutions in the cloud, Topsec is a trusted name in the industry. Topsec Email Continuity provides cloud-based solutions that keep email flowing during a disaster or planned outage. When your email system goes down, Topsec’s allows your staff and customers to send and receive emails with minimal downtime, without noticing that a problem has occurred.

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About Email Continuity?

Email continuity refers to the ability to maintain uninterrupted access to email services, even during an outage or other disruptions. It ensures that businesses can continue sending, receiving, and accessing emails during such situations, safeguarding critical communication channels.

Email continuity addresses these challenges by providing a safety net for businesses, ensuring that their email services remain operational even in the face of unexpected events. These events may include network outages, hardware failures, natural disasters, or even scheduled maintenance periods. By implementing effective email continuity solutions, organisations can mitigate the risks associated with email service interruptions and maintain business continuity.

How does Topsec’s Email Continuity Work?

Topsec’s Email Continuity will put your mind at ease. Email is the single most important aspect of company communication. What happens if your email is down for an hour, or perhaps a day? Outages in connectivity or mail servers can have an immediate and catastrophic impact on any organization’s capacity to communicate with its customers.

Topsec Email Continuity provides cloud-based email continuity solutions that keep email flowing during a disaster or planned outage. When your email system goes down, Topsec’s email continuity solution allows your staff and customers to send and receive emails with minimal downtime, without noticing that a problem has occurred.

Keep email flowing during a disaster or planned outage.

Why is Email Continuity Essential?

Email continuity is essential for several reasons. Firstly, it ensures that important business communications are not disrupted, enabling organisations to continue their operations seamlessly. Uninterrupted email access is vital, whether it’s sending crucial information to clients, collaborating with team members, or receiving time-sensitive updates.

Additionally, email continuity protects businesses from potential financial losses. Downtime can result in missed opportunities, delayed responses, and decreased productivity. By having a reliable Continuous email service in place, companies can minimise the impact of disruptions and maintain business continuity.

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Key Features of Email Continuity

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Client Testimonials: Why Businesses Trust Us

We really loved the products that Topsec provided to us. If I were to pull out a product that we are particularly happy with would-be Phishing campaigns, where it creates awareness among our staff for security issues, promotes awareness, and then Topsec follow that up with training. That’s one of the standout things that Topsec offers.
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Tommy Culleton
Scandi Standard- IT Security & Compliance
“The Phishing Training was particularly good. We had one campaign, and we had an extremely poor result. I think 50% of our people, opened and looked at a phishing email. We were very, shocked because it wasn’t particularly an important one. But it was a good one. It gives us an idea of how, they’re coping with unsolicited emails and phishing.
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Nick Smith
Senior Technician & Systems Manager, Waterman Moylan
Before we had IronPort in place, and the main reason to let them go was that it was not cost-effective, and it was not providing as much flexibility and management to the spam solution. So, that was the main reason we switched over.”
Andrey Jagotintsev
ICT Manager- St. Michael's Hospital
The culture of response has always been good. We can guarantee that we are going to get a response, sometimes within minutes, which is, which is impressive. If we have a technical issue that we need to discuss with somebody, we always have those levels of support from first-level technicians. If you’re looking for what differentiates Topsec from its competitors that would be the primary differentiation.
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Colm Carberry
IT Manager, FR Kelly
Ensure Uninterrupted Email Communication

Benefits of FileXchange for Your Organisation

Robust Security

With FileXchange, file transfer becomes simple and efficient. The local cloud drive syncs data to the cloud, providing ‘anywhere access’ to important files. The intuitive interface allows users to upload and send files with just a few clicks, eliminating complexity and saving time.

Seamless Integration

FileXchange provides an additional layer of security by enabling password protection for shared files. This ensures that only authorised individuals with the correct password can access sensitive information.

Uninterrupted Access

FileXchange offers a team folder feature, allowing designated team members to collaborate within a shared workspace. This feature promotes team productivity, as members can easily access and work on shared files without the need for constant file transfers.


Expertise And Experience

For businesses with on-premises infrastructure, FileXchange offers seamless integration options. This allows organisations to leverage the benefits of the cloud while maintaining their existing IT infrastructure.

Reliable Performance

FileXchange offers the convenience of locally mapped network drives, which makes accessing and managing files feel familiar and effortless. Users can directly access and work with their files from their desktop or file explorer, eliminating the need to learn new tools.

Scalability And Flexibility

FileXchange directly integrates with Outlook, Windows and Mac to facilitate quick, easy access and ease of use. 


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Keep email flowing during a disaster or planned outage

Email Continuity FAQ's

In scenarios where uninterrupted access to email security services is critical for business operations, organizations should use email continuity. This includes network outages, server failures, and scheduled maintenance periods.

Topsec’s Email Continuity Service cost depends on factors such as the size of your organisation, specific requirements, and the level of support needed. To get accurate pricing information tailored to your business, we recommend contacting Topsec for a personalised quote.

Topsec provides comprehensive support for its Email Continuity Service. You can reach out to our dedicated support team via phone or email to receive assistance, resolve any issues, or get guidance on optimising your organisation’s service needs.

Email Continuity Service prioritises security and employs robust measures to protect your emails. This  incorporates advanced threat detection, encryption, and secure cloud-based services to ensure your email communications’ confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

Email Continuity Service supports a wide range of email systems, including popular platforms like Microsoft Exchange and Office 365. Whether using an on-premises email server or a cloud-based solution, Topsec’s service can seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure.

Topsec’s Email Continuity Service setup time depends on various factors, such as the complexity of your email infrastructure and your organisation’s specific requirements. Topsec’s team will work closely with you to ensure a smooth and efficient setup process.

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