FileXchange (Benefits, Features, and Your Downloadable Guide)

Topsec’s Filexchange is Your Secure Gateway to Effortless File Sharing.

Why Choose Topsec for FileXchange?

FileXchange ensures seamless collaboration and safe file sharing in the cloud.

Topsec FileXchange facilitates collaborative file and folder synchronization and sharing through a cloud based platform. This presents an ideal alternative to standard FTP services, which are used to facilitate secure file exchange between trusted parties.

Topsec FileXchange provides a comprehensive solution for businesses in Ireland, the UK, Scotland, and beyond. With its powerful features and robust security, FileXchange ensures seamless collaboration and safe file sharing in the cloud.

Importance of FileXchange for Your Organisation

Efficient collaboration is vital for businesses of all sizes. Whether it’s collaborating with team members, clients, or partners, the ability to share files securely and effortlessly is crucial. Topsec FileXchange addresses this need by providing a secure and user-friendly platform for file exchange. By centralising file storage and streamlining communication, FileXchange facilitates seamless collaboration while ensuring data security and privacy.

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Ensure all your files securely with Topsec Filexchange today.


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Account Management and Customisation Options

FileXchange allows users to set access permissions, and manage sharing options, ensuring complete control over file exchange activities.

Send and Receive Files Securely

Topsec FileXchange makes file exchange secure and efficient. Users can easily sync files of all sizes, ensuring that sensitive information remains protected throughout the transfer process by converting attachments to password protected links.

Uploading Files

FileXchange simplifies the file syncing process. Users can easily sync/upload files of various sizes, making it suitable for both small documents and large media files. This flexibility ensures that businesses can exchange any type of file without limitations.

Password Protection and Link Expiration / Permissions

Topsec FileXchange provides customization options of link permissions. Enabling password creation, expiration times against files or folders and custom viewing and download options.  

Tracking File Activity and Access

FileXchange offers comprehensive file activity tracking, allowing admins to monitor who has accessed their files and when. This feature enhances accountability and provides valuable insights into file interactions, promoting a secure and transparent environment.

Downloading and Accessing Received Files

Recipients can easily download and access files shared with them through FileXchange. With a user-friendly browser interface and compatibility across various operating systems and devices, FileXchange ensures seamless access and usability for all recipients.

Client Testimonials: Why Businesses Trust Us

We really loved the products that Topsec provided to us. If I were to pull out a product that we are particularly happy with would-be Phishing campaigns, where it creates awareness among our staff for security issues, promotes awareness, and then Topsec follow that up with training. That’s one of the standout things that Topsec offers.
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Tommy Culleton
Scandi Standard- IT Security & Compliance
“The Phishing Training was particularly good. We had one campaign, and we had an extremely poor result. I think 50% of our people, opened and looked at a phishing email. We were very, shocked because it wasn’t particularly an important one. But it was a good one. It gives us an idea of how, they’re coping with unsolicited emails and phishing.
Waterman Moylan logo
Nick Smith
Senior Technician & Systems Manager, Waterman Moylan
Before we had IronPort in place, and the main reason to let them go was that it was not cost-effective, and it was not providing as much flexibility and management to the spam solution. So, that was the main reason we switched over.”
Andrey Jagotintsev
ICT Manager- St. Michael's Hospital
The culture of response has always been good. We can guarantee that we are going to get a response, sometimes within minutes, which is, which is impressive. If we have a technical issue that we need to discuss with somebody, we always have those levels of support from first-level technicians. If you’re looking for what differentiates Topsec from its competitors that would be the primary differentiation.
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Colm Carberry
IT Manager, FR Kelly

Benefits of FileXchange for Your Organisation

Simple File Transfer

With FileXchange, file transfer becomes simple and efficient. The local cloud drive syncs data to the cloud, providing ‘anywhere access’ to important files. The intuitive interface allows users to upload and send files with just a few clicks, eliminating complexity and saving time.

Password Protection

FileXchange provides an additional layer of security by enabling password protection for shared files. This ensures that only authorised individuals with the correct password can access sensitive information.

Team Folder

FileXchange offers a team folder feature, allowing designated team members to collaborate within a shared workspace. This feature promotes team productivity, as members can easily access and work on shared files without the need for constant file transfers.


On-Prem Integration

For businesses with on-premises infrastructure, FileXchange offers seamless integration options. This allows organisations to leverage the benefits of the cloud while maintaining their existing IT infrastructure.

Locally Mapped

FileXchange offers the convenience of locally mapped network drives, which makes accessing and managing files feel familiar and effortless. Users can directly access and work with their files from their desktop or file explorer, eliminating the need to learn new tools.

Integrates directly into Outlook, Windows, and Mac

FileXchange directly integrates with Outlook, Windows and Mac to facilitate quick, easy access and ease of use. 

Ensure all your files securely with Topsec Filexchange today.​

Advantages of Using FileXchange

1. Improved Efficiency and Productivity

FileXchange streamlines file exchange and collaboration processes, eliminating unnecessary steps and reducing complexity. This improves efficiency and productivity, allowing teams to focus on their core tasks and accomplish more in less time.

2. Seamless Collaboration with Partners and Clients

FileXchange enables seamless collaboration with external partners and clients. By providing a secure platform for file exchange, businesses can work closely with stakeholders while maintaining data privacy and control.

3. Scalability and Flexibility for Growing Businesses

FileXchange is designed to scale alongside growing businesses. As organisations expand their operations, FileXchange offers the flexibility to accommodate increasing file exchange demands and adapt to evolving collaboration needs.

What Sets Us Apart From Other FileXchange Providers?

Business-to-Business File Exchange

Look for abnormal traffic patterns such as large bursts or increased continuous volume.

Collaboration and Project Management

If your primary email system goes down, we enable email continuity, and we will queue emails and continually retry for a maximum of 15 days.

Secure File Sharing for Remote Teams

Manage your email security with ease using our web-based admin console.

Compliance and Data Privacy Requirements

Tailored solutions for specific email use cases, user groups, and compliance requirements.


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FileXchange FAQ's

Yes, FileXchange allows you to customise access permissions for different users. You can control who can view, edit, or download specific files, ensuring the right level of access for each individual.

FileXchange supports file uploads and downloads of various sizes, accommodating both smaller and larger files. There are no fixed file size limits, ensuring flexibility for your file exchange needs.

Yes, FileXchange provides comprehensive file activity tracking, allowing you to monitor file interactions and user access. You can track who has accessed your files, when they were accessed, and other relevant details.

Yes, FileXchange offers a mobile app that allows you to access and manage files securely from your smartphone or tablet. This enables convenient file management and collaboration, even when you are away from your desktop.

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