Inbox Protect: Key Features, Benefits, and Your Downloadable Guide

Have An Additional Layer of Security That Sits Within O365 For Your Internal Emails.

Why Choose Topsec for Inbox Protect?

Topsec Inbox Protect provides advanced security and protection across internal mail.

Our latest service offers a quick and easy setup to add internal inbox scanning directly into user mailbox accounts, removing threats and preventing interaction with potentially malicious mail.

Our Inbox Protect helps Microsoft users to scan and replicate the gateway within their mailboxes. Microsoft will notify Topsec Inbox Protect of any new internal mail, and Protect will query the mailbox, retrieve it, and process it through our security scanners. Any mail that fails our scanning process will be removed from the user’s view and quarantined locally.

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Common Threats in O365

Even though O365 has its protection methods for users, it is still possible for certain spam and phishing emails to get through. Evolving tactics, zero-day attacks, polymorphic threats, targeted attacks, and user errors can occur anytime. These can lead to certain spam and phishing emails; in this case, O365 cannot be foolproof.

Phishing Attacks

Phishing attacks are a potential threat to email security as many cyber criminals use different methods to trick you through email to steal your valuable information.

Malware And Ransomware

Hackers use malware and ransomware to gain unauthorised access, which increases the risk of losing valuable data, and even disrupts the system services. They can be a threat to email security.

Business email compromise

Cybercriminals/hackers use business email compromise (a phishing attack) to send unwanted emails to different organisations to steal money and critical information.

Spam And Unwanted Email

You might not be aware of who is sending you spam and unwanted email with a motive. It could expose your critical information and cause data loss.

Data Breaches And Unauthorised Access

Data breaches and unauthorised access can give access to unknown persons, leading to the loss of critical and confidential information.

Key Features of Topsec's Inbox Protect

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Second Layer Approach

Having inbox protection and O365 helps you build a second-layer approach, ensuring advanced threat protection and data and email fraud prevention.

Internal/ External Protection

Internal protection scans your incoming and outgoing mail, strengthening your internal/external security.

Easy Setup in just a few steps

Our inbox protection has an easy setup process. You won't have to worry much. Just follow a few steps, and you are good to go.

Reacts to historical mail within 14 days

Our inbox protection helps you reach your historical mail in around 2 weeks. Get started now!

Client Testimonials: Why Businesses Trust Us

We really loved the products that Topsec provided to us. If I were to pull out a product that we are particularly happy with would-be Phishing campaigns, where it creates awareness among our staff for security issues, promotes awareness, and then Topsec follow that up with training. That’s one of the standout things that Topsec offers.
Scandi Standard Logo
Tommy Culleton
Scandi Standard- IT Security & Compliance
“The Phishing Training was particularly good. We had one campaign, and we had an extremely poor result. I think 50% of our people, opened and looked at a phishing email. We were very, shocked because it wasn’t particularly an important one. But it was a good one. It gives us an idea of how, they’re coping with unsolicited emails and phishing.
Waterman Moylan logo
Nick Smith
Senior Technician & Systems Manager, Waterman Moylan
Before we had IronPort in place, and the main reason to let them go was that it was not cost-effective, and it was not providing as much flexibility and management to the spam solution. So, that was the main reason we switched over.”
Andrey Jagotintsev
ICT Manager- St. Michael's Hospital
The culture of response has always been good. We can guarantee that we are going to get a response, sometimes within minutes, which is, which is impressive. If we have a technical issue that we need to discuss with somebody, we always have those levels of support from first-level technicians. If you’re looking for what differentiates Topsec from its competitors that would be the primary differentiation.
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Colm Carberry
IT Manager, FR Kelly
Scan your internal mail and be protected.

How Inbox Protect Works?

The security service for Office 365 users without a Topsec Gateway provides a multi-step approach to protect against email threats. When new emails arrive, Office 365 sends alerts, prompting Inbox Protect to retrieve and pass them through Topsec’s comprehensive security checks. These include virus and spam scanning, sandboxing, and cross-checking against known threats. If a security risk is detected, Inbox Protect directs Office 365 to quarantine the email, removing any malicious content from the user’s inbox. If no risks are found, the mailbox remains unchanged. This layered security process ensures a safer email environment by proactively handling and eliminating threats.

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Benefits of Inbox Protect

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Secure your organisation's inbox in real time by signing our Topsec Inbox Protect.

Step-by-Step Onboarding Process

1. Obtaining Tenant ID

You will first need to obtain your Active Directory 'Tenant ID' from your Microsoft account; this can be found in the Microsoft 'Overview' tab.

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2. Adding Tenant to Portal Account

The tenant ID will need to be mailed to our support team ( Once received we add the tenant to your portal account. With the tenant now added, you will be able to view the setup in the 'Setting/Office 365' tab of your portal account:

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3. Authorizing Tenant Setup

To provide permission to 'Topsec Inbox Protect', you will need to authorise the tenant setup by clicking the 'authorise' button. This will prompt a Microsoft login where permissions can be granted:

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4. Activating Topsec Inbox Protect

Once acceppted, 'Topsec Inbox Protect' will be activated and functioning.

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What Sets us Apart from Other Inbox Protect Providers

Enhanced email security and threat prevention

Deep knowledge and experience in phishing best practices and stimulated attacks.

Protection against phishing, malware, and ransomware

Topsec manages your entire Phishing awareness training program for you so you can focus on your business needs.

Reduced risk of data breaches and unauthorised access

We have a huge database of various temlates that can be used. We can also customise content to include a logo or necessary text.

Improved productivity and user experience

Training your workforce through phishing attacks helps and protect staff from real phishing attacks.

Compliance with regulatory requirements

IT admins can choose between different Phishing stimulations and courses to train their staff and protect them from attacks.


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Inbox Protect FAQ's

Topsec Inbox protection provides a quick and easy setup to add an internal inbox for O365 users, which scans directly into user mailbox accounts, removing any threats and preventing interaction with potentially malicious mail.

Inbox protection assists in mitigating threats like phishing attacks, malware and ransomware, business email compromise, spam, and unwanted email.

Yes, it protects several built-in security capabilities like Machine Learning and AI, Behavioral Analysis, Link and Attachment Scanning, Anti-Spam and Anti-Malware Filters, etc.

By authorising a Microsoft Tenant to allow Topsec Inbox Protect to connect, our gateway scanning replicates within user mailboxes. Microsoft will notify Topsec Inbox Protect of any new internal mail. Protect will query the mailbox, retrieve it, and process it through our security scanners. Any mail that fails our scanning process will be removed from the user’s view and quarantined locally.

Yes, Topsec’s managed inbox protection helps with compliance requirements by protecting users’ sensitive, confidential information and safety.

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