Get the concierge level treatment your email deserves – your business depends on it.

Topsec are the only Email Security provider that genuinely have the Managed end-to-end solution your business needs

Topsec are the Managed Email Security Specialists. Everything Topsec do is Managed as a Concierge service by our team, that is what differentiates us from our competitors. We go on the whole Email Security journey with you, starting with Managing and Protecting your DNS, SPF, DKIM, DMARC – getting you to ‘Reject’ status ensuring your domain cannot be spoofed for Phishing attacks and ensuring the deliverability of your outbound email traffic.

The next stage is at the Inbound Perimeter, the Topsec Managed Email Security Service, you point your MX records to Topsec, and Topsec go through a multi-layered process ensuring we stop Malware, Spam, Inappropriate Content, Phishing attacks, Ransomware and Microsoft specific attacks hitting your organization (95% of our customers are Microsoft 365 users).

Topsec 365 Protect is the next layer in protecting your Internal email. Topsec continuously monitors the threat landscape and remediates threats as they appear in real-time. This ensures your internal email has the best protection possible.

Topsec monitors your email traffic 24 x 7, so our AI systems pick up anomalous behavior either inbound or outbound. This means if on the inbound side Topsec cannot deliver email into the client we queue the traffic, inform the client and recommend they log into their Topsec Continuity Service to continue receiving and sending emails as normal until their email server is working again. On the outbound side Topsec will spot compromised email accounts, Topsec quarantines that traffic automatically and will call you.

Topsec’s responsibilities do not end here. Topsec provide Incident Response / Remediation support as standard. So, if our client has an email security issue, we will be with them all the way, no matter what the day or time. Email Archiving has become a much bigger issue since most businesses have moved to MS 365 and with the advent of GDPR legislation. Customers want and need an evidential quality Email Archiving service to ensure they can comply with eDiscovery orders and Subject Access Requests. Customers have told us they want this Email Archive outside of MS 365 for compliance, continuity, security, and commercial reasons

Are you ready to secure your email ecosystem?

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Topsec are the only vendor in the marketplace that take this holistic end to end managed approach to Email Security.

Topsec believes that your staff are your greatest strength but also your biggest potential weakness in the Cyber Security battle. Our customers come to us to ensure their staff are fully cognizant of all the latest Phishing and Social Engineering exploits.

We also know that human resources are at a premium now so with our Concierge Service with 15-minute response SLA ensures our Support is Market Leading with 89% resolution on first contact. Topsec do everything for you if you want at no extra charge i.e., Rule Changes, Allow / Block lists, Quarantine release, Track and Trace etc… making your life easier – we become part of your support team and typically reduce calls to our customers helpdesk by up to 30%.

Topsec do this through their Managed Phishing Awareness Training Service. Topsec undertake periodic real world simulated attacks and regular video-based training with exams to give our clients a Quantifiable risk profile of their staff.

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Are you ready to secure your email ecosystem?


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