Topsec Managed
Email Security

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Get the concierge-level treatment you deserve because email is the lifeblood of your business.

The Topsec Managed Email Security Platform eliminates Spam, Viruses, Malware, and Phishing. Using a combination of traditional algorithms and advanced AI/ML-based threat detection, it provides comprehensive protection from malicious emails. Topsec collaborates with over 30 intelligence partners to provide a world-class security solution, delivering high-quality security insights in a simple-to-manage package.

Key Features

  • Traditional Pattern message attribute and characteristic matching complemented by AI/ML analysis for ultimate threat detection.
  • Behavioral analysis with more than 10,000 algorithms analyzing more than 130 variables extracted from each email.
  • Multiple signatures and behavior-based antivirus engines. offering protection from multiple forms of malware Spear Phishing Whaling and named VIP protection from impersonation attacks.
  • Attachment Sandboxing Enhanced evaluation of suspicious attachments. Attachments are opened in a virtual machine where their behavior can be directly observed and analyzed for suspicious activities.
  • Malicious URL Protection. Multilayer malicious URL protection utilizing our database of more than 200M known threats, alongside real-time URL analysis and time of click protection.
  • Impersonation Protection: protection against spear phishing, CEO whaling, VIP Spoofing, and other forms of impersonation.
  • Email Authentication: Enforce senders’ policies for SPF, DKIM, and DMARC.
  • DLP Control: Implement DLP through flexible content analysis controls.
  • Advanced Attachment Policies: Block whole classes of threats by implementing attachment policies identifying thousands of different file formats.
  • Attachment analysis: Perform MIME – type checking of file attachments and block dangerous file types Detect password-protected archives. Create unlimited keyword lists using rules to analyze messages and act based on confidential or sensitive content.
  • Email Continuity. Continue to send and receive emails even if your own email system is unresponsive. Never miss an email again.


  • Our team will manage your domains, so you never worry about a DNS issue again
  • Our geographically dispersed multiple points of presence (POPS) assure high site availability and low latency resulting in a superior user experience for your site visitors.
  • Cloud-Based Managed DNS service requires no hardware, software, or IT personnel.
  • Managed DNS addresses all your current and future DNS needs including handling DNSSEC, IPv6, an easy-to-use management portal, advanced logging, and reporting.
  • We manage the entire service no one can access your account or carry out any changes and updates.
  • Dedicated scalable, resilient concierge service with 24 x 7 support by domain experts.
  • Secondary DNS ensures that if your network goes down, we will continue to resolve your DNS queries.
  • High-performing networks that not only ensure that users can get to your site but also that the site is highly responsive
  • Provides failover protection, ensuring that your traffic gets to your site, even if the first-choice PoP infrastructure goes dark, your traffic is automatically rerouted to an online PoP, where the query makes its way to your DNS server with undetectable disturbance
  • Provide risk mitigation for known and up-and-coming threats with the latest technologies—all overseen by security experts


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