About URL Scanner

Topsec URL Scanner is a cloud-based service that helps safeguard your organisation against dangerous websites and delayed exploits. Topsec uses a mix of real time analytics and intelligence sourcing to identify malicious and deceptive websites. We use this intelligence to block links at time of click, preventing phishing attacks and other potential threats. Often phishing attacks may utilize delayed weaponization of seemingly harmless links and having a defence for these, after the email has been delivered is essential.

Criminals use a combination of spoofing, phishing and social engineering methods to achieve their aims. They use these techniques to obtain broader access to information and systems. URL protection at time of click is an essential part of a defence in depth strategy.

The Topsec Solution

Topsec URL Scanner is a powerful solution against targeted attacks. We block any site that serves suspicious or harmful code using real-time behavioural analysis and content inspection and by leveraging a network of intelligence partners sharing data about hundreds of millions of potentially malicious websites.

Because Topsec operates as a cloud-based service, protection is extended to all recipients. Every day, we analyse millions of URLs to guard against targeted phishing attacks.

Malicious sites are blocked whether they are well-known or recently compromised, using a variety of heuristics which identify common deceptive patterns. Protection against typo-squatted domains is also incorporated, along with examination across multiple non-western character sets to detect domain similarities.

Any obfuscated data is decoded and analysed. Deeper code analysis produces a behavioural profile that identifies potentially harmful combinations of distinct elements. This distinguishes between known and unknown risks. When a website is determined to be hosting malicious code Topsec URL Scanner will inform the user and deny access to the website and flag the website as dangerous.

How does it work?

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