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Topsec URL Scanner is a robust security solution against targeted email attacks and deceiving attachments.

Topsec URL Scanner is a cloud-based service that helps safeguard your organisation against dangerous websites and delayed exploits. Topsec uses a mix of real time analytics and intelligence sourcing to identify malicious and deceptive websites.

We use this intelligence to block links at time of click, preventing phishing attacks and other potential threats. Often phishing attacks may utilize delayed weaponization of seemingly harmless links and having a defence for these, after the email has been delivered is essential.

Criminals use a combination of spoofing, phishing and social engineering methods to achieve their aims. They use these techniques to obtain broader access to information and systems. URL protection at time of click is an essential part of a defence in depth strategy.

Malware hackers use clever techniques to disguise themselves and go unnoticed. Topsec pins down such cyber threats.


Proactive Website Security Measures

URL scanners can detect malware and security anomalies by analysing your website through various techniques and promptly detecting suspicious activities.

Post-Delivery Safeguarding

Topsec monitors emails even after being delivered to identify malware and protect your website from future threats.

Certified Cybersecurity Professionals

Topsec comprises highly credible and experienced cybersecurity professionals that automatically address even the most advanced issues.

Real-Time Counter Measure

We provide multiple layers of anti-malware protection to scan websites in real time. This includes real-time blocking of malicious URLs in both incoming and outgoing emails to prevent phishing link clicks.

Malware Detection

URL scanners can detect and analyze websites for potential malware threats, including viruses, Trojans, and other malicious code. They provide an additional layer of protection by flagging or blocking access to harmful websites.

Reputation Assessment

URL scanners can evaluate the reputation of a website by checking its history and reputation with various security databases and blacklists. This helps users make informed decisions about accessing or interacting with a particular website.


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Multi-layered anti-malware protection while scanning websites

Malicious URL scanning in inbound and outbound mails

Rewrites URLs to scan websites ahead of time ​

Blocks dangerous pages, websites & notifies end user of a potential threat

Encourages users to develop a cautious approach to unknown links and emails​

Real-time logging and reporting through the dashboard

Enables client administrators to track and have full visibility over phishing attempts.

All in one central dashboard for an integrated approach​

Don't let hackers deceive you with fraudulent emails and links. Implement Topsec URL Scanner today.


topsec url scanner journey

Don't let hackers deceive you with fraudulent emails and links. Implement Topsec URL Scanner today.


Safeguard your organization against dangerous websites and delayed exploits in real-time


Preventive Measure

Topsec believes that prevention is better than damage control after a malware attack.


Topsec URL Scanner is a reliable preventive measure against malicious attachment threats.

Expertise and Experience

Deep knowledge and experience in email security best practices.

Proven Record of Success

Successful deployments and customer references in diverse industries and use cases.

Good Customer Service

Fast and responsive support and incident management processes.

Managed Service

Topsec manages your entire email solution for you so you can focus on your business needs.

Don't let hackers deceive you with fraudulent emails and links.

URL Scanner FAQ's

In the context of cybersecurity, a URL scanner is an automated software that plays a crucial role in assessing the validity of URLs. Its primary function is to identify and evaluate email attachments, both known and unknown, for the presence of potentially harmful malicious links.

To combat the increasing global cybercrime threats, safeguarding your computer against hackers is crucial. Using a URL security scanner is an effective solution to address malware challenges proactively. It identifies deceptive email attachments and suspicious website links that hackers use to infiltrate your computer system. URL scanners swiftly detect and eliminate malware when their advanced software detects suspicious indicators while scanning for security issues.

Malicious URLs are hidden in emails, text messages, social media posts, and pop-up windows. The Topsec URL scanner is continuously updated, ensuring its ability to effectively combat the latest advancements in malware to stay ahead of cybercriminals. This proactive approach guarantees that we are one step ahead in safeguarding against malware threats.

Cybercriminals create and distribute deceptive links to deceive users into clicking them. Visiting or downloading these infected malicious links exposes users to various risks, such as malicious software, viruses, and other dangerous content. Once malware infects your computer or laptop, it can steal, encrypt, or erase your valuable data.

Therefore, it is highly advisable to enable URL scanners as they safeguard your precious data, provide security recommendations and consistently protect your devices with updated and advanced technology.

There are multiple methods available to scan a URL for malware manually. These methods include checking for HTTPS in the website’s URL, searching for contact information and address on the website or message, reviewing community feedback, and using WHOIS to verify the domain’s creation date and owner.

However, it is highly recommended to seek assistance from a trusted cybersecurity professional like Topsec for a comprehensive cybersecurity solution. The experts at Topsec URL scanner utilise advanced tools to meticulously analyse URLs, ensuring continuous protection for your computer system against malware attempts.

Yes, most modern URL scanners are compatible with mobile devices. However, it is recommended to ask your URL scanner service provider about their mobile compatibility and the specific features they offer for mobile devices.

URL scanners are highly effective tools for detecting a behaviour pattern of phishing attacks and preventing such attacks. Phishing attacks commonly occur through fraudulent SMS messages, social media messages, voicemails, or in-app messages that trick recipients into providing their account details, changing passwords, or believing their account has been compromised.

These messages often contain malicious links that are used to steal personal information or install malware on mobile devices. However, with the robust URL scanning feature provided by Topsec, you can enjoy strong protection against various types of phishing attempts from phishing sites and bogus sites.


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