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Rianka Gupte

Digital Marketing Manager

Rianka Gupte

Digital Marketing Manager

This week we chatted with Rianka Gupte, Topsec’s Digital Marketing Manager, about her journey that brought her to her current role, why email security (and cybersecurity at large) is a human to human concern and her love of solo travel!


Q. 1

Thank you, Rianka, for giving us this interview. Could you delve deeper into your professional journey, including key experiences and decisions that led you to your role as Head of Marketing at Topsec?

Rianka: I came here in 2018 for my Master’s degree in Digital Marketing. After I finished the same, I was looking for different digital marketing roles, but visa restrictions made it difficult to apply freely. I started working for a company in their marketing team, but due to COVID, they had to restructure, and I had to look for another job quickly. My visa status was attached to being employed and so the pressure was on! I then worked for a startup focused on empowering women through a business model similar to LinkedIn Learning. However, due to different working styles, and geographical differences it didn’t work out. I reached out to Gary, a recruiter at Topsec, and after presenting my skills, I joined Topsec. It’s been a journey, but I’ve been able to contribute significantly in my time here.

Q. 2

Beyond a general interest in email security, is there a personal story or defining moment that has galvanised your dedication to this field?

Rianka: When I was interviewing for Topsec, I knew the basics about scams and phishing attacks. But as I started researching in depth about Topsec, I realised how frequent and varied phishing attacks are. Working here has made me more vigilant, and I always advise my friends and family to be cautious with unknown links and numbers. I wasn’t fully aware of the gravity of email security until I started working in this field.

Q. 3

In which ways would you say Topsec's vision for email security resonates with your own personal values?


“Topsec is committed to helping people and organisations avoid phishing and ransomware attacks.”

Even if customers make decisions that might not be ideal, we never refuse to help them in distress or if they encounter a stressfull situation. We respond quickly and work tirelessly until the issue is resolved. This aligns with my personal values of doing everything in my capacity to help others. Our customer service is excellent, and we are known personally by our clients, which makes it very people-focused. I like to have chats and figure out what people and companies need and their psyche, which resonates well with Topsec’s human focused approach.

Q. 4

What have been the major shifts and milestones in the email security landscape from your experience?

Rianka: I’ve noticed a rise in phishing scams based on cryptocurrency and the increasing focus on AI.

“AI has always been part of email security and data sciences, but now it’s more accessible and widely used.”

While AI makes our job easier, it can also be used maliciously to create bogus links and web pages. The shift towards AI is significant and it’s both a beneficial and challenging development in the email security landscape. Understanding how to harness the benefits and mitigate the risks is the task Topsec works on every day.

Q. 5

Specifically with the marketing remit for Topsec, what is your vision for marketing, and what has been your proudest moment?

Rianka: When I joined Topsec, I realised we had great products and were’nt marketing them to their full capacity. My first project was to revamp our website, and from there, we improved our data sheets, case studies and overall brand positioning and marketing strategy. It’s been a team effort, coordinating with various departments to create materials that support our great products. We focus on informing rather than selling, which has received positive feedback from our clients. We aim to connect with humans behind the screens to solve a problem rather than just selling products. This approach has increased engagement and has driven positive responses, which is very fulfilling for me. We’re under no illusions that anyone finds cybersecurity, and specifically, email security, a fun subject, but when a hack arises the ramifications are serious. Therefore, 

“Our marketing approach is to educate and share ways to fortify digital spaces and ecosystems as a whole.”

 We never shy away from sharing the risks, but we don’t use doom and gloom fear mongering either.

Q. 6

What are the biggest challenges that Topsec clients encounter that you address through marketing?

Rianka: Clients often want a simple, cost-effective solution that is easy to use and provides reliable support. The challenge is to cut through the noise of marketing emails and present a product that meets these needs efficiently. Our product fits these criteria, but we also focus on communicating its benefits clearly. We aim to make email security engaging and accessible, emphasising its importance even before issues arise. This approach helps us connect with clients on a personal level and address their challenges effectively. 

We are a simple organisation that provides effective solutions, without overcomplicating it. We have noticed that the end users want something that is easy to use and does the work without being very flashy. We have also noticed that if the end user encounters an issue, they want to be able to pick up a phone and solve that problem with an expert. We position our marketing in a way that informs, educates and solves problems without unnecessary complexity.

Q. 7

How do you maintain work/life balance while building your career in such a fast-paced industry?

Rianka: I have discovered the thrill of solo travel and indulging myself with regular trips during the Summer. I am a fervent believer that everyone needs to go on a trip by themselves at least once in their lifetime! In my spare time, I also love cooking and I immerse myself in nature regularly. I’ve also swum in the Irish Sea multiple times… but not yet in Winter! Music is also very important to me and I go to many gigs and concerts to sing and dance my heart out.

Q. 8

Finally Rianka, where do you believe the future is heading for email security?

Rianka: I believe the future of email security is intrinsically linked with the advancements in AI and machine learning (ML), concepts that have always been integral to this field. At Topsec, we handle over 2 million emails daily, making use of AI and ML to analyse this vast amount of data essential. 

With the advent of Generative AI and tools like ChatGPT, AI has become more accessible, streamlining processes and saving time. However, I do not believe AI is ready to replace human jobs entirely; it can make tasks easier but not fully take over. Not yet atleast!

Human connections thrive on shared experiences and genuine interactions, something AI has yet to master, even in content or text production. ChatGPT, for instance, can compile and provide answers but cannot fully adapt to an organisation’s tone of voice, highlighting the need for human oversight. AI has been and will continue to be a significant presence, and embracing it is crucial. Organisations and individuals who resist AI will inevitably fall behind. A word to the wise : Use AI, but learn to use it cautiuosly. 

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