Email Security 2024:
Overcoming Challenges faced in 2023

Here are the top Email Security trends that we think will shape 2024.

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Navigating Email Security Challenges: Trends of 2023 Pave The Way Forward for 2024

As we progressed through 2023, the digital landscape witnessed a continuous evolution in email security threats. 

In 2024, these challenges are not just growing in number, but also in sophistication, making it imperative for businesses to adopt robust security measures. 

In this detailed exploration, we will uncover the trends that have defined email security in 2023 and share the comprehensive solutions that Topsec Cloud Solutions offers to counter these threats effectively in the next 12 months.

By Cian Fitzpatrick | 18th January 2024

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Topsec's Key Email Security Trends Observed for 2023

Post-Delivery URL Threats

The year marked a significant rise in URLs that initially appear safe but later transform into gateways to malicious websites. 

This sophisticated tactic evades conventional security measures, as the harmful nature of the URLs activates only after they have bypassed initial security screenings. This trend underscores the need for more dynamic, real-time security solutions capable of responding to threats as they evolve. In response to this challenge, Topsec’s URL Scanner offers a robust solution by providing real-time scanning of URLs. It effectively identifies and neutralizes threats even after the URLs have been initially cleared, ensuring continuous protection against these evolving cyber threats.

Malicious File Shares

Increasingly, attackers are embedding malicious content in shared files. These files often appear benign and pass through security checks unnoticed. Once opened, they can unleash malware or lead to data breaches. 

This trend highlights the need for more advanced file scanning technologies that can detect hidden threats within shared documents.

OneDrive as a Delivery Method

The trust placed in OneDrive, due to its integration with Windows, has been exploited by cybercriminals. They use it as a conduit for delivering malware, relying on the inherent trust users have in the platform. This method’s rise in popularity calls for more nuanced security measures that can differentiate between legitimate and malicious OneDrive links.

In response to this growing threat, Topsec’s Office 365 Email Security Solutions offer robust protection mechanisms specifically designed to intercept and neutralize such threats before they reach users. By employing advanced scanning technologies, Topsec ensures that only safe, verified content is allowed through, enhancing the security of your digital communications within Office 365.

Malicious QR Codes

The use of QR codes in emails and attachments as a means to redirect users to harmful websites post-delivery has become more frequent. Known as quishing, these QR codes often change their destination URLs after passing initial security checks, making them a formidable threat to track and neutralise.

Impersonation Scams

The sophistication of impersonation scams has grown, with attackers expertly mimicking legitimate entities to deceive users. This trend has been exacerbated by the increased use of digital communication, making it harder to distinguish between genuine and fraudulent interactions.

Lack of Proper Setup (SPF, DKIM, DMARC)

A notable number of organisations still fall short in setting up proper email authentication protocols like SPF, DKIM and DMARC. 

This oversight leaves them vulnerable to spoofing and phishing attacks. Proper implementation of these protocols is essential for authenticating email sources and maintaining email integrity.

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Phishing Awareness Deficit

Despite heightened awareness, phishing remains a prevalent threat, with many users still falling victim to these scams. This trend highlights the ongoing need for comprehensive phishing awareness programs that educate users about the subtleties of these attacks and how to avoid them.

Multiple Admin Access Issues

The practice of multiple administrators having access to a single account has introduced significant security risks. This approach can lead to confusion, oversight, and increased vulnerability to coordinated attacks targeting admin credentials.

Supply Chain Compromises

Supply chain issues, exacerbated by global economic and geopolitical factors, have led to increased vulnerabilities in email security. These compromises affect organisations at multiple levels and require a more integrated approach to security that considers the entire supply chain.

Challenges of Hybrid/Remote Work

The shift towards hybrid and remote work models has introduced new challenges in email security. Remote work environments often lack the robust security infrastructure of office settings, making them more susceptible to email-based attacks.

Burnout in Cybersecurity

The increasing complexity and volume of threats have led to burnout among cybersecurity professionals. This human factor can significantly impact an organisation’s ability to effectively manage and respond to security threats.

Direct Forwarding Risks

The convenience of direct forwarding features in email systems has been exploited by attackers, leading to security breaches. Attackers manipulate these features to reroute sensitive information, often without the original sender’s knowledge. This trend calls for a more comprehensive monitoring of email flow within organisations to detect and prevent unauthorised forwarding.

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How Topsec Cloud Solutions Can Help?

Inbox Protection

Topsec’s advanced Inbox Protect provides a robust defence against the sophisticated threats outlined above. Our solution employs cutting-edge technology for dynamic scanning, real-time threat detection, and adaptive response mechanisms. This approach ensures that emerging threats are identified and neutralised promptly, safeguarding your email communications against the latest tactics used by cybercriminals.

VIP Impersonation Stamp

Our VIP Impersonation Stamp technology is a game-changer in combating impersonation scams. It employs advanced algorithms to analyse email content and sender information, flagging potential impersonation attempts. This tool is particularly effective in protecting high-profile individuals within organisations, who are often the targets of such attacks.

Implementing DMARC/DKIM

Implementing DMARC and DKIM protocols is no longer optional but a necessity in today’s digital landscape. Topsec assists organisations in setting up these protocols, ensuring that emails are authenticated at their source and maintaining the integrity of email communications. Our experts guide you through the implementation process, ensuring these protocols are configured correctly to provide maximum protection.

Phishing Awareness Programs

Awareness is the first line of defence against phishing attacks. Topsec’s comprehensive phishing awareness programs are designed to educate employees on the latest phishing tactics, how to recognise them, and the steps to take when faced with a potential threat. Our programs are continuously updated to reflect the evolving nature of phishing attacks, ensuring your team is always informed and prepared..

Email Gateway Checks

Our managed email security extends beyond conventional protections, incorporating robust email gateway checks that serve as a critical layer of defence, scrutinising all incoming and outgoing emails for potential threats. This includes advanced scanning for malware, phishing attempts, and other malicious activities. By securing the email gateway, we prevent threats from entering or leaving your organisation, thus maintaining the integrity of your email communication.

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As we navigate the complex landscape of email security in 2023, it’s clear that traditional approaches are no longer sufficient. The trends we’ve discussed demand a proactive and comprehensive strategy to protect against sophisticated email threats. Topsec Cloud Solutions is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art solutions to these challenges, ensuring your organisation’s email security is robust, reliable, and ahead of the curve.

In the face of evolving email threats, proactive measures are essential. 

Contact Topsec Cloud Solutions today for a detailed consultation and discover how our tailored solutions can fortify your organisation’s email security. 

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