Attachment Sandboxing

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Topsec Attachment Sandboxing allows clients to better evaluate dubious attachments.

When this product is activated, potentially harmful attachments are subjected to extensive behavioral analysis. Attachments are opened in a virtual computer, where their behavior may be watched and examined for suspicious activity. Attachments may be classified as a threat and quarantined as malware based on this analysis.

Importance of Sandbox technology

  • Analyse the file by leveraging advanced machine learning algorithms, decoys and anti-evasion techniques, anti-exploit, and aggressive behavior analysis.
  • Examine the file or URL in a safe virtual environment without worrying about performance implications or its effects on your system
  • Investigate the attachment and to flag any malicious attachments and URL’s
  • Update the AV system with the latest information and provide a feedback loop which enhances anti-virus protection across the board
  • Safeguard your email landscape and provide a critical first line of defense against weaponized attachments without slowing delivery


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