Topsec Managed Phishing Awareness Training is an online solution that allows you to execute real-time Phishing attacks on your employees to test their security awareness while training them.

We create, send, and manage the Phishing service on your behalf. Following the completion of the tests, a report is generated depending on the performance of each employee.

Our easy approach for simulating phishing attacks, in conjunction with our security awareness training, will assist you in combating phishing threats. Assess the human element of security and identify which staff require training. Topsec Managed Phishing Awareness Training makes social engineering testing simple to replicate spear phishing, clone phishing, and other hacking strategies.

Our Phishing Simulator includes compelling ready-to-use phishing templates created by security professionals. Phishing is used in about half of all social engineering attacks. This figure rises to more than 91% when dealing with targeted spear-phishing and other cyber-attacks. Our security awareness training courses are short and to the point, and they are included with our phishing simulator.

Conduct authorized phishing attacks to assess and re-assess your workers’ susceptibility to socially engineered hacking tactics.


Simulated phishing attacks on your staff are a vital aspect of your overall security awareness campaign. Topsec Phishing Awareness Training makes it simple to assess and display your workers’ abilities and progress through highly visible dashboards and reports.
Topsec Phishing Awareness Training may be utilized on any device, allowing administrative chores to be completed at the office or on the move. Our personalized landing pages are also device-friendly, allowing us to design the most convincing phishing trap.
The Phishing Simulator provides a large collection of templates meant to imitate real-world attacks while removing all the risks. If you’re familiar with HTML, you may write your own code to create highly personalized content or email template styles and submit it. You can select or create the precise landing page that an employee will view if they take the bait. These landing pages may be linked directly to LMS training and reinforcement activities.
Topsec Cloud Solutions provides a variety of reports, as well as comparing results on numerous tests to determine who is being enticed. You may export in PDF or CSV format, as well as use our API to access our report system. We also have quick reporting with email notifications and completion summary emails.
According to Verizon, phishing emails account for 67% of all cyber espionage. Using our Topsec Phishing Simulator, you can prevent email-based social engineering attacks and boost your most underutilized security asset. Topsec Cloud Solutions strongly advises a mix of simulated phishing attacks and focused training to develop a workforce resistant to the enticements of hackers.

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