Topsec BreachDetect continuously finds, analyses, and monitors compromised credentials on the Dark web.

While there is increasing awareness of public data breaches. Private data leaks are equally risky and can result in numerous consequences for an organization. Information including email addresses, usernames, passwords, behavioral data, and biometric data is private and highly confidential. When misused on the Dark Web, this data can provide access to numerous harmful ransomware and phishing attacks. These attacks could further take advantage of your staff’s vulnerability and serve as a launchpad for further breaches. Hackers with expertise can also observe and negatively impact your supply chain management.

Topsec BreachDetect is a fully managed automated tool that continuously monitors the Dark web to find compromised credentials in public and private breaches. If your credentials are found on the Dark Web, Topsec BreachDetect would instantly notify you and send through recommendations and remedial actions to protect yourself and your organization. Some of these remedial actions include blacklisting compromised passwords, appropriate password management, and staff training and awareness


Ensure your staff knows proper password etiquettes and the importance of data breach management.
Get weekly reports and recommendations to improve and remediate password malpractices.
Get instant notifications when Topsec BreachDetect finds your credentials in any data breaches online.
Ensure your organization and supply chain are all complying with your standard of privacy.
Increase knowledge and awareness about data breaches within staff to avoid attacks.

Getting notified when your account credentials have been compromised is the first step toward protecting yourself – Request a Quote