Topsec’s EDPR empowers enterprises against present and future threats with cloud-native defense and AI-driven protection.

What is Watchguard EDPR?

watchguard EDPR

Watchguard Endpoint Security (EDPR) is a Cloud-native, powerful endpoint security suite that safeguards enterprises of all sizes from current and future assaults. Its main technology, WatchGuard EPDR, which is driven by artificial intelligence, rapidly enhances enterprises’ security posture. Endpoint protection (EPP) and detection and response (EDR) capabilities are combined with zero-trust application and threat hunting services in this solution.

Watchguard EPDR detects and stops aberrant user, machine, and process behavior by providing continuous endpoint monitoring, detection, and categorization of all activity. Simultaneously, we actively seek for new hacking and evasion techniques and strategies to swiftly arm our consumers. These advancements are free of charge and immediately offer an additional sophisticated layer of protection to stay ahead of attackers.
  • Alert fatigue : organizations receive thousands of weekly malware alerts, of which only 19% are considered trustworthy, and only 4% of which are ever investigated. Two-thirds of cybersecurity admins’ time is dedicated to managing malware alerts.

  • Complexity : too many disconnected cybersecurity tools can be hard to manage for security professionals, due to the number of enabling technologies, the lack of in-house skills, and the time needed to identify threats.

  • Poor performance : frequently endpoint security solutions require installation and management of multiple agents on each monitored computer, server, and laptop, causing serious errors, poor performance, and high resource consumption.

Detect and stop aberrant users, machines, and processes by providing continuous EDPR- Request a Quote