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Demystifying DMARC with Topsec Cloud Solutions Webinar​

Domain-Based Message Authentication Reporting, more often known as DMARC, is an email security protocol that checks if the email sent to you is sent by the authentic owner of that email address or not. In this webinar Topsec will take you through 

  • What is DMARC
  • Why do you need DMARC
  • Benefits of DMARC
  • Implementation of DMARC

Topsec Inbox Protect Webinar​

Topsec Inbox Protect provides advanced security and protection across internal mail. Our latest service offers a  quick and easy setup to add internal inbox scanning directly into user mailbox accounts, removing threats and preventing interaction with potentially malicious mail.

  • What is Inbox Protect
  • Why do you need Internal inbox scanning
  • How it works
  • Inbox Protect Setup
  • Benefits of Inbox Protect

Netlinkz VPN and Topsec Webinar

Netlinkz is powering the next evolution of high-performance connectivity. Topsec in association with Netlinks, is here to provide a VPN solution for all your organisational needs. 

  • What is Netlinkz VSN
  • Why you need a secure VPN & VSN?
  • How it works
  • VSN setup 

Think CyberNudge Based Training Webinar​

Think Cyber delivers secure behaviour change for their customers. Engaging and empowering their staff to protect themselves against the cyber threats that target the human user. They do this through their software product, Redflags®, is a highly innovative security awareness subscription solution; uniquely delivering ongoing, context-aware and real-time security awareness to help people make secure decisions day in, day out.

  • What is Behavioural Science and methods
  • What is Nudge Based Training
  • How can you actually change behaviour?
  • How it works
  • Set up process

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